Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Valley Girls

When we were finally able to tear Jayme away from the beach (I don't blame her, it was amazing, and I could have stayed there for a long time!), we started our trek up to Bakersfield. Let me just tell you that the F-350 is not the ideal vehicle for an 8 month pregnant person to ride in the backseat of. The 405 is just a tad bumpy and the shocks in the truck are just a tad, um, well, they didn't do much to stop me from feeling ALL the bumps. But, we made it to the next stop without me going into labor.

And what was that next stop?? This photo tells all...

Yum yum!! Sodium, swollen feet, high blood pressure?? Who cares...an In N Out burger and fries are calling my name.

The rest of the ride north was spent pointing out all the agriculture to Jayme - carrots, almonds, pistachios, grapes, oranges, onions. Man, I miss seeing all of that! The drive from the freeway to my parents' house isn't very pretty, and I was a little embarrassed about the first views Jayme was seeing of my hometown. Actually, she'd been there before, but it was over 7 years ago for our wedding, and it was a very quick trip for her.

Later on, we showed her some nicer parts when we headed out for dinner, where, of course, we ran into people that we knew. That's what I love about Bakersfield. Our family has lived there for so long that we almost ALWAYS run into people we know when we go out. I'm looking forward to that day here in Kansas.

The next several days are a blur. We changed plans no less than 100 times, we had to coordinate who was driving what car (we only had 2 between the 5 adults), who was going where first, what car was the carseat base in, and of course, where would we eat our next meal?? This trip was all about seeing old friends and eating at our old favorite places. Jayme and I couldn't think of a single restaurant here in Wichita that we would miss if we were to leave, but my list for Bako is LONG (Rusty's, Me & Eds, Jamba Juice, Baja Fresh, Dewar's, La Fonda, Supreme Bean, In N Out, BJ's). I didn't make it to all of them, but I did put a big dent in the list. Of course, a lot of the places on my list are in other cities, too, just not the city I live in now!

I had a GREAT time, and I was ready to come home to The Colonel and the puppies, BUT, I could have kept myself busy visiting old friends for at least another week. I feel like it was a very rushed trip, and I saw a lot of people - just not for long periods of time. And I did miss seeing a bunch of people, too...there are not enough hour in the day.

Sunday was a VERY long day for SIL and I. We were traveling for 14+ hours - we drove to LA, flew to KC, drove across KC to pick up a chair I bought, drove to SIL's house, then another 30 min drive to my house....where The Colonel helped me bring my bags in, and then I fell into bed. Whew.

There's still more to tell you...look for pictures and details about my shower coming soon...

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suezque said...

The way Jayme goes on about Red Beans... but she wouldn't miss it??? :-) I kinda miss it & I've only eaten there twice. :-) I can remember when we would get into California (I don't remember what town) there was a Del Taco that we would always stop at, because we didn't have those at home in Colorado. Then one came to Denver- I would drive to Denver for fast food! Now there's one in Pueblo so I don't have to drive quite as far... :-)