Tuesday, March 25, 2008


There's a lot going on right now, and I need to find a way to get motivated. A baby arriving in 5 weeks doesn't seem to be doing it for me -- so I don't know what will. Here's a quick rundown of what's happening in my world:

* Mom and Dad will arrive, for good, one week from today (woo hoo!)

* My brother will be flying out tomorrow to help them finish packing, load the truck and drive to Oz.

* Our baby furniture FINALLY showed up last week, and it's all set up in the nursery (now we just need a mattress and the crib bumper and window coverings).

* We only have 5 more weeks until my due date...wow!

* I was going to fill up with gas last night (I have half a tank left) because it was only $2.98/gallon, but the gas station was on the left side of the road (does anyone else only stop when it's on the right??), so I thought I'd wait til the morning...and gas jumped up to $3.08. What the heck is going on??? Why does it only go down a penny at a time, but it jumps up 10 cents overnight??


suezque said...

Wow- can't believe its getting sooo close!You'll have to post more pictures of the nursery since I can't come to see it :-( And be thankful gas is only $3.09 there- it's $3.31 here!!! I miss you!

Terri said...

yeah - $3.08 I wish...I can't remember the last time it was under $3. We are around $3.29 right now. blech.

Paulette said...

ooo - I want to see pics of your nursery all done!

shell said...

oh, so you want to argue about gas prices, huh. we're at almost $4 a gallon. beat that. :-)

Jayme said...

oh my gosh...you baby widget says 33 days left. Thats like...hardly !!!!!!!!!!! OOOOOOhhhh its getting so close...I can't wait for that baby boy to smoooochie on. !!!!!!!!!!!

Amy said...

uh...pictures please!! :)

Sally said...

Ok, so I guess we have it better than most on the gas price thing...but it still drives me crazy to see it jump up overnight and only come down a penny a day. Ugh!

Pictures - I'll work on that...that means I have to get my lazy butt off the couch in the evening and go attempt to be a photographer. Actually, I did do some laundry and clean 2 bathrooms last night...so who knows what I'll be able to accomplish tonight! =)

Agnes said...

I would love to see pictures. Perhaps it would inspire me to get off my butt and attempt to FINISH THE NURSERY. My poor child.

My advice...get it done now. People say you will always have time later. They are wrong.

I can't believe you only have 5 weeks left! So exciting! And scary! (at least I was a bit nervous...)