Monday, March 31, 2008

Old Fogies

I’ve been bugging The Colonel to take me on a date for several weeks. And it wasn’t completely his fault that we hadn’t done it yet. We would get busy doing things at home, or one of us would be tired or grouchy, or something else would get in the way. But, on Saturday, we said we were finally going to go out on a date.

I’m a cheap date, though. We were going to use our gift card to PF Changs and our free movie passes to see Vantage Point. So, both of us had other things going on earlier in the day – he went golfing, and I met a new friend to talk about my dream job (recruiting kids into engineering). But, we had reservations for 6pm at PF Changs.

As usual, The Colonel walked in the door from the golf course STARVING, and he insisted that we leave for dinner early (evidence #1 that we are old fogies – we left for the restaurant at 5pm). It’s almost a 30 minute drive across town to the restaurant, but we were still early for our reservation so we had to wait about 15 minutes. A very nice man gave up his seat so my very pregnant belly could sit down.

I should mention that “bunny food,” as The Colonel calls restaurants like PF Changs, is not his favorite. Of course, he didn’t really know what he was talking about since it was his first experience there. But, he went for me – and because we had a gift card. We ordered way more food than we could eat, The Colonel liked almost all of it, and we left with our doggie bags within an hour.

Now what? The movie didn’t start for 2 ½ hours! We headed down to the mall so The Colonel could look for some new work pants, and so I could go to the bathroom (for the 3rd time since we’d left the house). After we took care of everything at the mall, we STILL had an hour and a half until the movie started. We thought about walking around the mall some more, but I had to pee again, and my feet were hurting...

So, what did we do?? We went home and forgot about the movie theater (evidence #2 that we are old fogies). We did, however, watch Spiderman 3 on On Demand when we got home, so we still saw a movie – but I was in my jammies curled up on the couch in a blanket.

Our movie passes are good until the end of the year, and we will be dying to see the new Indiana Jones movie this summer, so maybe we can use it then. Can we take a newborn to the theater with us??


Laura said...

Hey you old Fogies...sounds like you had a fun time anyway! A movie on the couch in my PJ's is way more fun than being all cramped up in a theater anyway. AND, you would have missed half of the movie at the theater getting up to go pee. At least at home, you can pause the show!! :)

Terri said...

we are so totally old fogies too! We usually have big plans for our nights out: dinner and a movie or pool or something but it usually ends up being a close and easy place to eat and then back home to chill on the couch in comfty clothes! Yeah and good luck with taking a newborn to the theater! :o)

suezque said...

You need to check with the theaters- some actually have a "parents" time set aside for parents of young children to come see a show. The ones I've heard of are usually early in the day, but it means you get to see a show and you don't have to worry about disturbing anyone, since everyone is there for the same reason!

Sally said...

Laura - you're right - I would have either been in pain or missed half the movie. I was just trying to get in ONE more trip to the theater before the baby...oh well, I may have to give up on that one!

Terri & Suez - I'm guessing people will not be too happy w/ me if I take a newborn to a movie, unless he manages to stay quiet. And I'll have to check on that family movie time thing, but then B wouldn't be able to go with us.