Thursday, March 27, 2008

Edumacation (as Ginny would call it)

I recently started reading a new-to-me blog by Meshellyn. She's a mom and a labor and delivery nurse, as well as a childbirth educator, not to mention a fun fellow blogger. Anyway, I asked her to give me a little info/advice about childbirth since we opted NOT to take the classes offered. She jumped right on my challenge...and now that my heart rate has returned to normal a bit, I thought I'd share with all of your heart can race like mine.

Well, most of you have already been through it, but I have a lot of preggers friends right now - and several, like me, are pregnant with their girls, here ya go! A very honest, "uncandid" as Meshellyn calls it, look into childbirth.

Check out her post here.


shell said...

how come you opted not to take the classes?

Sally said...

Well, we did take a few classes - we took breastfeeding (totally recommend that one), infant CPR (ditto - take this one!), and the orientation to the hospital.

That was about all B could handle - that was about 7 hours in a classroom.

Plus, I kinda feel that ignorance is bliss. The doctors and nurses will tell me what to do, I've already decided I'll use drugs to be more comfortable, and knowing every possible thing that COULD happen will just give me anxiety.

AND, I've read a couple books that tell me the basics, so I didn't think I needed to go to a 10 hour class (that's really how long it is).

Laura said...

Wow, she did a great job writing that post!! You're gonna do great! It hurts, it's not very fun, but it is so awesome!! You're gonna do so great!!

Chelf said...

Makes me think of Bill Cosby.

You have really great friends.