Friday, February 29, 2008

4 pounds 8 ounces

That’s how big Lil Major is so far. Or that’s what the tech told me at our sonogram yesterday. He’s measuring about 10 days ahead of his age. The Colonel asked if that meant he would come a week early, and the tech said that he could, or he could just be born big. Ugh!

BUT, my kid is healthy, and active, and oh so cute! And even though I fear giving birth to a giant, I’m glad he’s a healthy weight so that if he has to be born early (due to my BP), he should be ok – at least in weight.

My Sis was told at about 34 weeks that her baby was over 6 pounds already…she was afraid she’d have a 10 pound baby…but he was born just over 7 pounds. Whew!

My belly is so big now that there was no need for me to down the water before I went. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t beeline it for the bathroom as soon as we finished, though.

The tech took pictures of all his organs, we listened to his heart and his blood flow, watched him move around, and then we tried to zero in and get some good shots for us. He wasn’t exactly cooperating. He’s head down already, and he’s got his hands and feet up by his forehead, making it hard to see his cute little face.

Here's our attempt at seeing his helps if you tilt your head to the right and look for his little eyes and nose (you can see his hand and foot creeping up in the shot):

This kid is already doing one thing different from his daddy -- he's growing hair! Check out the back of his head:

Here's a profile shot:

And his cute little foot...

Today I went for my regular appointment with my doctor. Since stress can increase blood pressure, I decided to leave work a little early, do a little shopping and get to the office early so I could sit and rest a bit before they took my blood pressure. And guess what?? My BP was back to its normal level!! The doctor also told me that all my tests came back excellent from last week. In fact, they check the uric acid level, because a high level could indicate preeclampsia is on the way. Well, mine was SUPER low, so all good there, and the doc said it should be fine for me to travel to CA in 10 days. Woo hoo!

So, after my good news, I left the office and headed home. It was a gorgeous day today – sunny and 60. I hope that means that spring is on the way! And, to reward myself for being in such a good mood and for having such a good appointment, I came home and made myself an ice cream sundae.

Thank you all for your prayers!


suezque said...

I am so glad everything is okay. Can't wait to see you guys, and then for that little one to get here! :-)

Daisy said...

Yay! I was going to be way bummed if you couldn't come out here. Glad you're taking it easy. You owe it to yourself to really savor pregnancy.

The Hooper Family said...

Yeah!!!!! So glad that everything went great with your appointment! I think your doc should tell your work that you can't work anymore...not good for you BP! Then you could come do HHH with me on Monday :)

Jana said...
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Chelf said...

I think I shall claim a "Rachel" here, and just be a bad Auntie. Remember Friends? "I still don't see it!" I can see all the parts in the other pictures, but that face shot is baffling me.

I am glad that you are cleared to go to CA. Have a good trip! When is your due date, anyway?

I love looking at the pictures before birth. God's handiwork, and My amazement.

Love Bears All Things said...

Catching up!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures. I'm happy Lil Major is at a healthy weight. My babies were big as were my daughter-by-love's. She is small and had hers by C, mine were natural. Bigger babies are easier to handle when they're newborn but most of the time they outgrow those 3mo. sizes right away.
Sorry about the job offer. The HR person should not have told you something false. She should have known her benefits, you'd think.
Be careful on your trip.
Mama Bear

Terri said...

how sweet! glad it was all good news. Makes a heart glad.

Davi said...

Oh, that is such wonderful news! I am so happy everything is looking good for you. Your baby is as cute as can be!!

Sally said...

Chelf and Jana (and anyone else who was afraid to say they couldn't see the face) - ignore the 2 little round spots on the left side of the photo. His face is actually on the first half of the shot, and you can see a shadow for his mouth, cute round cheeks, and a little half moon shape for his nose. And it kinda looks like he's frowning.

Only 8 more weeks to go! I'm due April 28.