Tuesday, February 05, 2008

28 Weeks!

I am dreading taking these pictures...I prayed and prayed that I would NOT get pregnancy arms and butt and face...but, lo and behold, it's happened to me.

It was 60 degrees here yesterday, so I met a friend for a walk. I tried to put on some cropped pants I bought at the beginning of my pregnancy...and they used to be HUGE. Well, now they're pretty stinkin' tight. Ugh.

One of my cousins said to me last week, "You're the first person I've seen whose boobs are still bigger than her belly." Oh joy. But it looks like my belly is growing.

Well, here's the latest picture...28 weeks and 1 day...

To follow up this photo, I give you my take on pregnancy...I have had so many friends who are pregnant or have been pregnant lately, and we've had quite the different experiences. I've been VERY fortunate to have had an easy pregnancy so far...very little morning sickness, no puking, no spotting or other scary things, no huge cravings...just the normal annoyances, I think. So, here's a rundown of my love/hate relationship with being pregnant.

I LOVE watching my husband get excited about the birth of our child.

I HATE watching my butt grow daily.

I LOVE thinking about the human life that God has placed inside my belly.

I HATE thinking about going into labor.

I LOVE when The Colonel says hello to the baby through my tummy.

I HATE waking up in the middle of the night 4 times to pee and to get comfortable.

I LOVE looking at tiny outfits and imagining my son wearing them.

I HATE thinking about leaving my baby in a day care when I have to go back to work. (Yes, this is bothering me already!!)

I LOVE thinking about holding my baby once he's born, and seeing what he really looks like. Did he get The Colonel's curly hair and dark skin? Did he get my tiny mouth?

I LOVE feeling my baby move inside of me -- it's the most amazing thing, and something that NO ONE could have described to me. I could sit for hours and feel him move and watch my belly jump around. Of course, I know that Little Major is going to pay me back after he's born for all the times I poke my belly to wake him up so I can feel him move. He's already thinking, just wait, Mom, just wait...I'll get you back!

I LOVE thinking about my son playing with his cousin who will be only a few months older than him.

I LOVE reading about how my baby is growing and developing and changing EVERY SINGLE DAY.

My list has a lot more LOVE than HATE on it, which is good. There are definitely some uncomfortable aspects of pregnancy, and I'm scared to death of labor and delivery, but my experience with pregnancy has been very good so far. Time has gone by quickly, I've had few problems, and I have tons of people who give me advice when I ask for it.

So, I'll put up with the big butt, fat arms, and round face so that I can experience that new little baby that God has given us...but, you better believe that I'll be hitting the gym hard as soon as the doctor clears me!


suezque said...

You look GREAT!!! I can only hope I am as dedicated as you about working out when I'm pregnant, heck I'm not that dedicated now! :-)

Sunshine said...

That is what I miss most. Getting kicked. Coolest. Feeling. Ever.

My first pregnancy was the non-sick variety also, I looked like a Mack truck I was so big.

The rest....sick sick sick.

Glad you are enjoying all the highlights!

Davi said...

My absolute most favorite part of being pregnant was feeling the baby kick too. There is nothing like it in the whole wide world

And you look darling. After Finn was born I was complaining to my pre-pregnant-friend Ally about my gut being bigger and she said "I can't wait to earn my gut". From that point on, I was a little more forgiving of some weight I had "earned".

Marge said...

You look beautiful, and I LOVE your hair!!!
I am so glad you're enjoying pregnancy so much. It is really sweet to read all that.

Love Bears All Things said...

Are you planning to do this without any drugs? Its really none of my business. They say you'll forget the pain but they lie.
Some people are just made the way where the pregnacy shows all over, mine did. Then there are people like my sister who carry all in front and you can't tell they're pregnant from any other angle. She got in her bikini right after too. But somehow she missed the maternal instinct. That's a long story.
Try not to eat any different thinking it's alright because you're eating for two. The baby will grow whether you overeat or not. It's harder to get off after.
I love your list. I almost cried reading it. My first will be 40 in March. He was born 13 months after we married.
Mama Bear

FotoFerret said...

OK, i can't help it - I HAVE to comment on a momma w/ the same problem I had!

1st baby - my belly NEVER ONCE outpaced my chest, which did get substantially larger, and quickly. Like it wasn't large enough to start w/ or something!
I actually got excited on baby #2 when the belly got bigger than the chest! YAY! It just made me look due any second, instead of the 12 more weeks there were, thank you very much!

Happy not puking!

Paulette said...

I love your love/hate list...all so true!! And you look darling! I can't wait to rub that belly!

I'm with fotoferret...for some unknown reason the chest seems to get a little more under control with each pregnancy. Maybe it has something to do with the sagging.... :)

Terry said...

Awwwww.. don't you just look so precious and I love the hair. I am just amazed at how dedicated you are with your workouts, but you are looking great.