Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine’s Day Fiasco

I work with a guy who grew up in Nigeria. He came to the states for college, met the love of his life, and has decided to stay. He has married his girl according to Nigerian custom (she’s half Nigerian), and they are having their American wedding in May. He’s the nicest guy, always thoughtful and considerate, and very generous.

BUT, he has planned nothing for his sweetheart today! And this is their first Valentine’s Day together. I stumbled upon his faux pas just a few minutes ago while I was chatting to me. He said, “Today is the 14th, right? Valentine’s Day?”

I jumped right on him and demanded to know if he’d planned anything for his love. He said he hadn’t really thought about it. I made such a ruckus that 3 other people in the office came over to see what was going on. We all dropped our jaws when he told us he hadn’t done anything yet, and then we all started talking at once giving him ideas.

It’s too late for him to have flowers delivered to her at work, all the florists are swamped, so we told him to go buy his own card and flowers and take them to her at work himself before lunch. Then he needs to tell her that he’d like to take her out to a nice lunch. She works at our local University, and my friend’s favorite place to eat is Chik-Fil-A in the student union, but I told him that he can NOT take her there for lunch.

So, I think we successfully freaked him out, and he should be leaving within the hour to hunt down a card and flowers and take his sweetie to lunch. I gave him a hard time…I asked him if they didn’t celebrate V-Day in Nigeria…and he said they did, he’d just gotten busy and hadn’t thought about it.

I told him that maybe after they’ve been married a couple years, they’ll talk about how they want to celebrate together, but until then, he needs to at least acknowledge the day with her. Hee hee.

The Colonel gave me a cute card and a book of the 50 greatest on-screen kisses this morning. It was very sweet. I gave him a sappy card and some of his favorite candy, and tonight we’ll eat heart shaped pizza and heart shaped cake, and I’ll give him another card – one I made myself.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Don’t forget your loved one today!


shell said...

i am SO not a fan of Valentine's Day. I never understood why we make a big deal this one day of the year when we are supposed to love our loved one each and every day.

Besides, it's that what an anniversary is for?

I guess I would much rather have my loved one do something nice for me totally at random, rather than because Hallmark told him to.

Maybe I'm just heartless, but I never have seen the point of this Hallmark holiday.

Sally said...

I agree with you, Shell. We should definitely show love every day to our loved ones. But, I do enjoy sending cute cards to my nieces and nephews and taking time in the middle of the week to have a nice dinner with The Colonel...but it has become a bit commercial, hasn't it?

suezque said...

Hallmark's website is having trouble keeping up with the traffic they are getting today too! I made G's gifts (I'll have a post about it tomorrow) and card, just for something fun to do. I told him I didn't want him to send me flowers today- too much hype & too much money. I agree that I would rather he send or bring me something some other day just to surprise me.

Love Bears All Things said...

I have never expected anything and I am often surprised even on Valentine's Day. But the best is when he goes out and brings me wild flowers or finds, peels and cuts up a peach for me. Something spontaneous like that.
As I said we're not together today.

I did give my grands and my daughter something.
I left J a card that plays Still The One and a heartshaped paperweight with a photo of us to find when he gets home tomorrow.

I don't think this is Hallmark's holiday. Its been around longer than that. They just take advantage of it. But tell me this, why do people wait until the last minute to buy a card.
Mama Bear

Jayme said...

My girls loved loved loved their cards...and carried them around the REST of the day. :)

Davi said...

I'm laughing about Chik-Fil-A. I've only learned about this restaurant this past month because my sister has a friend who literally does a chicken dance when she gets to eat there. Such a midwestern thing!

I think it's only fun to celebrate V-day if you don't feel any pressure or expectations.I think all holidays are turning out that way for me lately.