Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mixed Emotions

That’s how I’m feeling today after the news I received yesterday. It doesn’t have anything to do with my pregnancy – well, actually it does, but not with my health or the health of Little Major.

I’m sure all of you know that I’m LESS than happy with my current employer and job. And before I ever found out I was pregnant, I started looking for other opportunities in my town. Well, I sent my resume to a certain company sometime last summer, but I never really heard anything back from them. I got an email saying, thanks – we’ll contact you if we’re interested, and then I forgot about it.

Well, about 6 weeks ago, I got a call from them. They asked me to come in for a quick interview. That went well, and the next morning, they called and asked me to come back for a 2nd interview. Woo hoo, I thought! Of course, in the back of mind I’m thinking that my pregnancy could complicate things, but I wanted to pursue it anyway.

I ended up having to reschedule the 2nd interview b/c of my quick trip to CA for my grandfather’s funeral. They were very understanding, and I became more and more impressed with the company.

My 2nd interview took up an entire afternoon and included interviewing with about 6 people and taking a tour of the facility. I wore a baggy shirt so it wasn’t so obvious I was pregnant. I felt like all my interviews went really well. I was myself, I was honest about what I like and don’t like in a job, and about what I was looking for in a company. We had a terrible snow that day, so I drove home slowly thinking about what it would be like to work for them.

About 10 days later, I got a call from their HR department. They offered me a job!! Their first offer was decent, but I knew I deserved more. I talked to the lady about all the details that she knew, and then I told her I was pregnant and would need to know what they would offer for maternity benefits. She had to do some checking and get back to me.

When she called me back with what they offered, it was better than what I’m getting here after working here for a year and a half! She even said I’d be eligible for FMLA (which I was insisting on). So, next I counter-offered on a couple things, and she came back the next day with a final offer that I was ok with.

By this time, I’d talked to The Colonel and decided that I would take this opportunity if their written offer letter confirmed everything we’d talked about. It is a much more secure company (for now, anyway), and there are a lot more opportunities for advancement and work diversity there.

All of this takes us up to a week ago. I told the HR gal that if the written offer confirmed everything, then I would accept and start ASAP since I don’t have much time before my due date. I didn’t get the written offer until a couple days ago, because my contact left on a business trip.

Imagine my surprise and disappointment when the letter said I couldn’t use FMLA until I’d been with the company for 12 months. The law says that they can’t prevent me from using is after 12 months, but I was hoping that this company was willing to let me use it earlier. After several phone calls and emails, I was told that NO, I would not be able to use the extra time off. I would only be allowed 6 or 8 weeks off (depending on how I deliver).

So I had to turn the offer down. I’m disappointed because I was SO looking forward to getting out of here. Four people have put in their notice and will be leaving in the next week or so, and I’m intensely jealous that they get to clean out their desks and start over. On the other hand, with my blood pressure scare, and the possibility of still having to deliver this kid early, it’s probably not a bad idea to stay here.

I told the HR gal that I was still VERY interested in their company, and we agreed that I will call her this summer to see if there are still openings for after my leave is over. Let’s hope I didn’t shoot myself in the foot by saying no!


Sunshine said...

Stick to your guns and make choices about your life that work for you. A new baby is worth being firm on certain points and if there is doubt (which there clearly was for you at this time) then don't take the risk.

I'll cross my fingers that they have an offer for you when it works on your end.

suezque said...

Bummer...Sorry to hear that, I know how much you want out of that place. Will keep praying that a great job will come along for you.

Terri said...

wow; that's really too bad, but the pregnancy and being with Lil Major is the most important thing. God will work it all out in the end. :o)

Jayme said...

darn. I was hoping that would all work out. And I was so excited for you ... right until the end. :)

shell said...

oh, darling. i'm so sorry this one didn't work out. i agree with the other girls, that something will work out and this is probably for the best. i know it's a bummer right now, but i know something good will be coming along.

Chelf said...

I know how excited you were to interview, but I agree that you need to stick to your guns. You have a lot to offer a new company, and they may still want you later. We did have that whole discussion about how they are looking for a lot of new people in the next five years. If they can't back up what they tell you, in writing, then you want to rethink the offer anyway.

For now, it seems the best thing is to stay where you are, so that you can have as much time with Lil Major as possible. I understand the jealousy of watching others escape.

I am praying that it works well for you. You never know, there could be a grander plan around the corner!

Sally said...

Thanks, everyone! You're all right -- this is for the best for right now, and I'll wait for my next opportunity. Time to focus on Lil Major for right now!

Agnes said...

Bummer that it didn't work out...I know you're not happy where you are. Hopefully you'll find something better after Lil Major is born!

Have I told you I'm totally excited to see you!?!

abbagirl74 said...

I think you made the right decision. Besides, I bet if you pursue this summer, they will hire you. It sounds as though they really want you to be there. Hang in there.