Monday, February 04, 2008

Lots of Little Things

I have lots of little things to tell you today...things that happened over the last 3 days that, I think, are worth mentioning.

First off, and this is actually an important one, I passed my 3-hour glucose test! The nurse FINALLY, 5 days after she promised, called me back with the results. I had already figured that no news was good news, so I continued eating my oreos and ice cream. Good thing I was right!


I've been craving Teppanyaki (Janapese Steakhouse) for weeks now. A few weeks ago, The Colonel agreed to take me for lunch, but I got busy cleaning bathrooms and didn't feel like getting cleaned up to go out. So, this last Saturday, we planned on going. I got all cleaned up after the gym and was looking pretty cute...and then the restaurant was closed. They don't serve lunch! I know there are other places in town that do, but we weren't positive who did, so we ended up at another restaurant where we spent $30 on burgers and salads. We should have gone to Taco Bell, so I could convince The Colonel to try again at another place later on. Stink!


There's a new class starting up at our Y. And I was pretty afraid of it at first, but I'm always up for making a food of myself if someone will join me. So, my friend M (she's also an aerobics instructor) and I ventured out to try the class yesterday. It's called Hip Hop Hustle. Yes, this white girl with a 7 months pregnant belly did some hip hop yesterday. The gal who taught it is amazing. I've taken several classes from her, and she's fun and energetic, and she has WAY more groove than I do. But, I gave it my best shot. There were 80 people in the class! This was an intro/demo class for all the members. It was so fun! And I left there sweaty and exhausted after an hour. We stood right in the front row, but refused to watch ourselves in the mirror. And I do have to say that a lot of the moves were pretty hard to do when you can't move at the waist anymore. I may have to save this class for AFTER the baby.


Football is over for the season, and FINALLY the team I rooted for won last night. I DID NOT want those stinky Patriots to go undefeated, and I didn't want loser Tom Brady to have a reason to be more of a jerk than he already it. It paid off! It was a GREAT game, right down to the last seconds. Whew!


Today I'm off work for my first of 2 FORCED vacation days. And today I had my second prenatal massage...for 60 minutes this time. It was amazing! The time went by SO fast. Before you know it, I'm going to be looking for 4 hour massages. I enjoyed it so much that I was so out of it when I went up to pay that I tried to use my Motherhood gift card instead of my salon gift card. The girl was really nice about it, and just kept trying to use the wrong card. It wasn't until she read the back of it to me did I realize that I'd given her the wrong one. Oops!


From the salon, I headed over to Target to return something. Then just to kill time, I wandered over to the baby section where I proceeded to spend WAY more money than I had just returned and put back on my credit card.

They were having a big clearance, and I found the cutest stuff, that I couldn't pass up. Check it out...

All of these super cute outfits were on sale for $4 - $6 from $20 - $25 originally. How could I pass that up?? I got several things for Captain and Lil Major. I can't wait to take their pictures in matching outfits, and for us to take some family shots in all our Chiefs glory. Maybe the baby boys will bring the Chiefs some luck this season.


After my Target shopping spree, I headed over to Pei Wei, the casual version of PF Changs, that just opened here. I've been dying to try it. I got my yummy lunch to go, then came home to enjoy it. It did not disappoint me! It's 1pm, and I have some more things to do schedule some classes at the hospital and check out a couple day cares. Today is the start of Week 28...Lil Major should make his appearance in about 3 months. Crazy!

Oh, new belly shots coming soon...The Colonel said he'd take some tonight for me.


suezque said...

Way cute outfits (even if they are the wrong team ;-) Don't ya love clearance stuff?!?!
And I'm jealous about your lunch! I wish we had nice restaurants around here- I'd even be happy with a Taco Bell- we don't even have that!!!
Hope your afternoon is productive!

Jana said...

i, too, am jealous about the cheap pf changs you guys have. why isn't there one here?? i'm gonna have to look it up and see . . . anywhoo, D is super excited about the new chiefs get-up! good times! glad you passed your test! sorry i missed your call this am!

Chelf said...

My friend is so excited that Pei Wei has opened there. Her daughters love using chopsticks.

Are you still thinking you can come down for the Affair of the Heart?