Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fun Surprise

After my crazy Friday afternoon, I came home to pick up the mail, and I found a box from on of my best friends, Ginny. It came at the perfect time!

She stuffed it full of fun stuff for Little Major, and there was even something from Ginny's parents. It was so sweet, and I loved opening everything up after such a scary afternoon.

Ginny is my BFF from college, and it's her wedding that we traveled to Ireland for almost 2 years ago. So, in the box, she included the cutest bound picture book from their wedding. I'm ready to go back to Ireland now! We'll wait a bit, and then maybe we can go with Ginny and her hubby and their little one who was born last September.


Jayme said...

How have such awesome friends. These outfits look so cute. :)

shell said...

too cute. i got that same book on parenting from one of my girlfriends, too. and i love the frog outfit! (i have decided to do the nurcery in frogs and ladybugs!)