Monday, February 18, 2008

Oh, to be 10 again...

Last Sunday was a total blast from my past (this was the Sunday that The Colonel and I argued about parenting classes, but the day started out good, and the arguing wasn't the blast from the past part).

I was wanting meatloaf for lunch after church - my Mom's recipe is the BEST in the world (even though my little sister doesn't like it...there's something wrong with her!), and I could probably eat a whole meatloaf by myself. Anyway, I decided that I would do Sunday lunch like my Mom did all my growing up years. I mixed the meatloaf the night before (I actually made 2 so I'd have leftovers for sandwiches) and stuck it in the fridge. Then I scrubbed my potatoes and wrapped them in foil. So, on Sunday morning, I stuck everything in the oven and used my delayed start timer (first time EVER) to have everything start cooking about the time we got out of that the house would smell heavenly when we got back home.

Then we left for church...where we sang my all-time favorite hymn, This is My Father's World (this is a contemporary version by Amy Grant, but it's pretty close). Growing up we sang a lot of hymns, in church, at family gatherings, and I really didn't care for them -- except for this one. It was always one of the first 10 hymns in the hymnal, and I just love it. As I got older (high school), I thought hymns were silly and old-fashioned, but as I continue to get older, I find myself wishing we sang more in church now. In fact, we go to the "traditional" service so we can sing at least one hymn a week. None of that contemporary service for us!

And wouldn't you know it? Next we sang an old camp song, King Jesus is All. Wow! Did that bring back memories from Hume Lake. Mostly from elementary school (Wagon Train) camp and junior high camp (Meadow Ranch). We'd sing it in chapel, and around the campfire. And at Wagon Train (where we actually slept in wagons that didn't have real doors, and little animals would come in and steal our Fun Dip and Jolly Ranchers), we'd sing it at the top of lungs from wagon to wagon while we lay in our beds (it's one of those echo back songs).

So, here I was, feeling all nostalgic about camp and church growing up, and then we walk into our house to the greatest smell -- meatloaf and baked potatoes! Yum yum!

And if all that wasn't enough to take me back to my early days, I received a CD I'd ordered the next day. It's called Bullfrogs & Butterflies, and it's from a musical that I participated in when I was a kid (and my mom STILL has the record that we listened time and time again). The songs are AWESOME, and someone reminded me of this CD in a blog posting recently (in my pregnant state, I can't remember who...I'm sorry!). One of the songs is a wake-up song, and my Mom used to wake us up by singing it. I HAD to buy the CD (actually, 2 copies - one for Little Major and one for Captain), so that my Sis and I can introduce our kids to the cool music we used to listen to. =) Oh, who am I kidding, I made The Colonel listen to the whole thing as soon as I got it!

Here's a snippet of Bullfrogs & Butterflies (from a random YouTube video):

And the Good Morning song (click on #2 for a snippet of the song)

Makes me want to go back to 5th grade again...


shell said...

will you email me your mom's meatloaf recipe??? mmmm!

Agnes said...

me too, me too! Although I doubt J will eat would be something easy to heat up for lunch.

Also, I totally want to order the Bullfrogs and Butterflies CD...I loved that growing up. Where did you get it?

Chelf said...

Wow. I thought I was the only one who thought we should sing more in church.

On Sunday, we sang Nothing But the Blood, and I wanted to run screaming from the sanctuary. When I was about 16 or so, the preacher would get all the little kids in the building up to the front row (sometimes it took two) and have everyone sing that song. EVERY WEEK, on Sunday nights. Now, it makes me cringe.

Maybe I will warm up to it in a few more years, like I did to Lady and the Tramp. The summer I was 14, we watched that twice every day for more than two solid weeks. My cousin was enthralled; my bro and I were usually reading in another room in the house. I can still sing Blue Moon all the way through because of that year.

Ah, to be a child again. I wouldn't go back. Well, maybe I would. I was a cute kid.