Thursday, February 21, 2008

My First Time

Tonight will be my first time to meet a fellow blogger in person...who I met through blogging.

Chelf is making the trek up here from OKC, and we’ll be meeting for dinner and coffee. But, that’s not even the most amazing part…

Chelf and I, through a series of emails, have found out that we’re connected by MUCH LESS than 6 degrees of separation. She went to the same university that my hubby, his 2 brothers, and my SIL all went to. Chelf’s hubby remembers one of my BILs from singing school, they’ve met my FIL at a wedding, AND one of Chelf’s good friends, who lives in my town, is a friend of one of my good friends, Shannon. Oh, and how do I know Shannon? Well, we met at the Tag Office when I first moved to Wichita, AND come to find out, her dad is a minister and is friends with my FIL.

Wow! Did you follow all that?? It’s a small small world, huh??

So, Chelf, Shannon, their friend in common, and me are all getting together for dinner tonight...assuming Chelf can make it through the snow and sleet that decided to show up today.

I’ll post all about our fun time later on!


Jayme said...

Thats nuts! You'll have to tell me all about it later!

Hail to OC...may thy glories ever be...lift your voices anthems raise...swell the chorus in her praise...

Hail to OC... :)


suezque said...

It's a small world after all... :-) Now try not to sing it! :-)

Chelf said...

"... and thumbs raise..." We were an obnoxious group, but not nearly so much as the Delta guys.

Three of us got pictures, two of us may even blog them. :-)

This was fun, next time we should add more bloggers, and see how much fun we can have!

I can see the dancing puppets in Shrek.... that isn't the same, is it?

shell said...

i'm so glad you guys had fun! i can't wait to see the pictures!!

Rachel O said...


I guess I'll step out of my blog-stalking and introduce myself. I'm Rachel, I go to church with Chelf. It was my wedding that Chelf met Wayland at!

I'm also friends with Jayme and Neal. And I must say I even know The Colonel... but my memories are fuzzy. His mom used to babysit me. I do remember he used to call me a "rug" short for rugrat, and we have the same birthday. He probably has some embarrassing memories of me... things I'm sure I don't remember since I was very small.

Chelf asked me how I knew your family on Wednesday... and I did sing "it's a small world after all".

So hello!

Sally said...

We did have fun, and I WILL do a separate post about it.

Rachel - it's amazing how small the world is, and I came home from dinner and told The Colonel about the "rug" thing, and he immediately started putting everything together. Thanks for de-lurking!