Thursday, November 16, 2006

100 Things That you Never Wanted to Know

Ok, DramaMama, here's my list...a prize to you if you read it all the way will probably take me all night to complete...of course, you'll have to read it to find the similarities between you, me and Angel.

1. I was born in California, on an Air Force Base, in 1974.
2. I've never done one of these lists, and I have no idea where to start.
3. I'm an engineer, and I'm anal -- but that's where the stereotype for engineers ends with me.
4. I knew when I was 16 that I wanted to become an engineer -- my aunt encouraged me because she works with engineers, and she knew I loved math and science.
5. I'm not a dork (see #4), well, maybe a little, but I'm a lovable dork.
6. I was VERY shy in high school, until I got to know someone.
7. I'm COMPLETELY over being shy now -- college cured me.
8. I LOVE people -- love to meet new people, love to make fun of people I don't know, love to hang out with people.
9. I love Diet Dr. Pepper.
10. I love Diet Coke with cherry syrup in it.
11. I love iced tea with sweet-n-low...I treat myself w/ Sweet Tea from McAllister's sometimes. My glas has to be FILLED with ice before my tea is poured.
12. I love nonfat milk.
13. I can't stand regular soda anymore...too sweet!
14. I have no children...maybe someday soon?
15. I have 2 dogs (mini schnauzers) who are spoiled as though they were children.
16. Rerun and Lucy (the "kids") are 4 1/2 years old.
17. My hubby and I had Linus (also mini schnauzer) when we got married. He got hit by a car the night before Thanksgiving 5 years ago. He got out and we found him 10 minutes later...on the side of the road...we both were devastated.
18. I had a dog growing up (also mini schnauzer) named Schroeder. He lived to be 16 years old.
19. All my dogs have been named after Peanuts' characters...Rerun and Lucy are Linus' brother and sister in the comic strip, in case you didn't know.
20. I met my hubby at work...we were both working 2nd shift.
21. I thought he wasn't very nice when I first met him...I found out he's just quiet.
22. Hubby moved to Texas 3 days after he proposed.
23. We got married 3 months later, and I moved to TX with him.
24. He's my dream guy -- inside and out...tall, blond, blue eyes, tan, cute butt, strong arms...must stop now...he's not here.
25. We've been married 6 years last Saturday, Veteran's Day.
26. I love to travel.
27. My goal is to visit all 50 states in our country -- I've been to 40.
28. I've been to 6 other countries besides ours - Ireland, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Canada, and Mexico.
29. I went to Paris, France, and HATED it. The french are rude people.
30. Amsterdam is AWESOME - great food, great sights, and I didn't even go to the Red Light district.
31. I'm the oldest of 3 younger sis, one younger bro.
32. I've lived in 3 states - CA, TX (2 different times), and KS
33. I have 4 nieces, 2 nephews, and either a niece or nephew on the way, and I love them all so much!
34. I didn't care much about football until I met my hubby.
35. I'm a DIE HARD KC Chiefs fan now. I yell at the TV or at the field when we're at a game.
36. My first in-person NFL game was about 4 years ago...I've been to at least one KC game every year since.
37. I will watch my Chiefs play at Arrowhead on Sunday. Raiders are going down!
38. Hubby is patient and explains the rules of the game when I ask. I learn more and more every game I watch. And we watch every week!
39. My dad made me learn to drive a stick shift when I was starting to drive. I hated it then, but now I love to drive a stick.
40. I love cars. I've owned 3 hondas, a camaro, and now I have my Saab. Only one of them was an automatic...I'm back to a stick now. yay!
41. I'm nicer to people I don't love than to people I DO love...I'm working on that. I am a nice person, really I am.
42. I'm afraid for my parents to get old. I watched my dad deal with his parents when they got sick and died...I'm not ready for that.
43. My dad is a genius...I couldn't live without him...he helps us so much.
44. My mom is a great friend. I miss her very much since we left CA.
45. I have 10 girlfriends who have been my buddies for 15 life wouldn't be the same without them.
46. I love email...real email...not spam...why does spam have to exist??
47. I became a scrapbooker about 3 years ago, and I've spent a ton of money on it since.
48. I've made scrapbooks for my oldest niece and nephew, from vacations w/ hubby, of our dogs, of my sis's wedding, of my post-college trip, of the building of our on the list is our trip to Ireland last spring.
49. I love the beach and look at...I don't like to just lie on the beach or to swim in the ocean.
50. I went to college 15 minutes from the Pacific Ocean. It was gorgeous!
51. I can't believe I'm only halfway done!
52. I love to read.
53. A couple years ago I started reading mostly novels by Christian authors...there's some good (and clean) stuff out there.
54. I'm a virgo...and it's pretty right on.
55. I'm only 5'2", and I love to wear high heels so I'm
56. The boys in 6th grade called me Himalayas...because I was an early developer...I hated those boys.
57. I played the clarinet until my junior year in high school (I started in 4th grade).
58. I marched in the band in high school until we moved back to CA where it wasn't fun anymore.
59. I never once went to a school dance with a boy (see #6)
60. My first real boyfriend was a guy I met my first year in didn't last long.
61. My hubby is the first guy I really loved.
62. My hubby was a US Marine before I met him, and I'm very proud of him for serving our country.
63. Hubby is 5 years and 2 days older than me.
64. I LOVE car is red, my dining room is red...I wear red...I dye my hair red.
65. I color my and blond highlights...I've been coloring it since I got out of college.
66. I've worn glasses or contacts since I was 16 and realized I couldn't see the chalkboard in calculus. I got contacts after I graduated college and could afford it.
67. I drank way too much in college...I'm thankful to God that he let me survive it!
68. I only keep in touch with 2 friends from college...but about 20 from high school...mostly friends I met in church youth group.
69. I love old black and white movies and old musicals.
70. On Sunday mornings (before football starts and I'm getting ready for church) I watch whatever old movie is on TCM.
71. Audrey Hepburn is one of my favorite actresses...I also love Judy Garland.
72. I love mushrooms...grilled, sauteed, stuffed...but hubby hates them!
73. I collect shot glasses...I have them from everywhere I've visited and from a lot of places friends and family have visited.
74. I have NO idea how many shot glasses I have, but it fills up 3 big display cases.
75. I hate moving, and I never want to do it again. It's too much work!
76. I like my house to be clean, but I don't like to do it myself...I have other things I'd rather do.
77. I'll clean when I have to, but it sucks! I want a housekeeper!
78. I love ethnic food (anything but fish).
79. I love to try new restaurants - especially Greek, Indian, Thai, Mexican.
80. I lean FAR to the right, and I CAN NOT understand the view on the other side.
81. I have a low tolerance for ignorance and plain stupidity (this one goes with #80).
82. I don't understand why people who would make great parents have a hard time getting pregnant and terrible parents have a zillion kids.
83. I want twins, deparately! I pray for twins.
84. I love the new show Brothers and Sisters (I loved Ally McBeal also).
85. I also like the show 6 Degrees but I hear it's being cancelled...not cool.
86. I'm still addicted to Survivor and ER, although Survivor is getting very old.
87. I love to play board games...well, mostly card games...Canasta, Nertz, Cribbage, SkipBo...anything.
88. I've worked for 6 companies since I graduated from college 9 years ago.
89. I've only been promoted one time, but I worked really hard to earn it.
90. I can't picture myself staying home full time when I have kids...but I would love to work part time and stay home part time.
91. I usually stop for loose dogs and try to find their home.
92. I picked up a puppy I found on the street one time, and my friend adopted her (the vet thought she'd been hit by a car and that we rescued her).
93. I called animal control one time when I saw a mama duck trying to lead her ducklings across a busy one would come out and help her.
94. I'm afraid of cancer...but I truly believe God won't give me more than I can handle...not sure I could handle cancer.
95. When I was younger, I wanted to be an attorney - mom thinks it's because I liked to argue.
96. I was a great student...I think it was because I was afraid to do something wrong. I was always trying to please people.
97. I graduated high school with a 4.2 of 10 valedictorians in my class.
98. I broke my arm in 1st grade...jumping off of a bench.
99. I had to write with my left hand while my right arm was in a was terrible!
100. I flipped my best friend's (and roomie) car when we were sophomores in car had broken down the day before...yes, we're still friends.

Whew...I can't believe I did it. I'm exhausted now! But there you have it...100 things about me.


DramaMama said...

Great list! I have learned a lot! What is with all the red-head bloggers I'm meeting! LMAO!!!

You are super smart... I was soooo not a good student:)

shell said...

ooooh ooooh ooooh i'm the friend from college! :) who is the other one?

Sally said...

Miss Organic from up your way...of course, all I ever get from her is baby pictures now. I guess I could count Darey Queen, too, since I met her when we were in college even if it wasn't at maybe there are 3 people I still talk to...

Anonymous said...

hahaha. i totally forgot how organic she is! i did think of her the other day while i was getting a mani/pedi and how she didn't want to go that one day...