Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I'm in Michigan. My honey is in Kansas. He's far away. And he's sick. I feel helpless.

I called B this afternoon to ask him to pick up my new contacts from the optometrist while I'm out of town this week. He sounded terrible when he answered the phone! I thought he had gotten over this post-flu-shot sickness thing. He sounded pretty good on the phone on Monday night, but today was BAD!

He said his head was killing him. He didn't really sound coherent, and he was at work...trying to work. He had no drugs (advil) on him, and I doubt he's eaten much today. I don't know if the headache is from being sick or from being stressed about work (work is enough to do it!).

I talked to him a couple hours later and he sounded just as bad. He said he was getting ready to go home, but he didn't feel well enough to drive. Then I was really worried! He promised to rest in his car until he could drive home...I haven't heard from him since, I hope he is at home now, sleeping w/ the puppies on the couch in the basement.

He would kill me if he knew I called our friends M&R and his dad and asked them to call and check on him. B hates going to the doctor, and he always says, "the body has an amazing ability to heal itself," so he doesn't always recognize when going to the doctor is the best choice.

I wasn't trying to bring other people into our business...I just needed some help. I feel so bad that I'm not there to help him! Why do things like this always happen when you're far away? He never gets sick! Well, very rarely, anyway.


DramaMama said...

Oh I'm so sorry he's sick! I understand the helpless feeling. Men are so stubborn too!! I hope he gets better. I had the same thing as him and it's going around everywhere!

My best to hubby and safe travels to you!

DramaMama said...

How's hubby today Sally?

Sally said...

He's doing better...sounds better, headache is gone. I'm heading home tomorrow, and it couldn't come soon enough! MI is cold, rainy and gloomy!