Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I made it home...alive!

I am home safely, that's the important thing...and the roads were not as bad as I expected.

BUT, it was still NOT FUN. I walked out of the building at 3:30pm, with my BRAND NEW ice scraper that our receptionist was kind enough to run out and buy for me at lunch. I was wearing my new puffy down coat, so I was warm, and I started my car and proceeded to start scraping the thick layer on ice that was ALL OVER my car.

Ok, I've never scraped ICE off of a car...I've scraped frost back when I was in high school and didn't have a garage to park in, but this is NOTHING like frost. I finished half of the windshield and started on the passenger window, while I'm sliding all over the place because the parking lot was iced over...that's when my scraper BROKE!! See the picture above...actual ice scraper from Dollar General. At first I tried to use the broken end, but I couldn't get enough leverage, so then I wanted to cry...and running through my mind was why on earth did we move to a place where it snows and rains ice!!

I sucked it up and went back inside to bum another scraper...not only did I bum a scraper, but one of my co-workers helped me finish the job. So I climbed inside and started my journey home. Our receptionist had recommended I take the surface streets instead of the freeway I normally take because it goes over several bridges and here I am foraging my way home through the less than desirable part of town where all I can think about is that if someone hits me in this part of town, they won't have insurance...

The roads were fine...our parking lot was the worst that I saw...and I made it home fine. Of course, my soft top vehicle is now a hard top as it's frozen solid...and I'm not looking forward to the next time we get ice or snow...but at least I survived today!

Once I arrived home and told my sad story to B, I immediately put on my full-body, footed, soft and fuzzy jammies...yes, you know what I'm talking about...all of you moms out there put your toddlers in these every night, and I have an adult sized pair! They will be my staple throughout the winter.


Anonymous said...

I sooooooooo dont miss the cold weather of the north! We moved to Florida about 3 months ago and I wake up every morning thankful for the warmth and sunshine! There is quite a bit I am not so thankful for though! lol

cheers! Kate

Anonymous said...

ohmigod. my other girlfriend was just talking about her pj's with feet! i'm SO jealous! :) oh, and just to let you know, it's 31 degrees outside right now. it's supposed to be 20 overnight! maybe it's sympathy cold for you! :)

oh...and thanks for the card you sent me for thanksgiving!

oh! and the jeans are a brand called joe's jeans and the style is petite provacateur. i got those at anthropologie, but you can also get them at nordstroms. they are the best ever!

DramaMama said...

Two very important things... but will require a new car for one of them...

1. 4 wheel drive (or all wheel drive) vehicle for the snow and icy conditions


Hubby had a remote start installed in my SUV last winter. Now, I just leave the heater/defroster on and I push a button from my house, my SUV starts, warms up, melts all the ice and snow off so I don't have to scrape much if any off (other than brush the piles of snow off if it's significant amounts) and the truck is warm for me and the kids when it's time to go:)

The 4-wheel drive keeps me on the road and out of ditches:) WOOT!