Thursday, November 30, 2006

Still snowing...

It started snowing at's 2:30pm now, and it's still snowing...even harder now! The puppies were afraid to go out, so at 2, we went out with them - plus I wanted to play in it for a while...that's me above holding Rerun.

This is what the street in front of our house looks like.

Here's the back of our house...the snow in the backyard is about 4-5" deep already.

Here's Lucy looking down at me from the deck...she's covered in snow!! The pups had a blast running around and prancing through the snow...they didn't want to come back inside even though they were soaking wet and shivering!


DramaMama said...

DAYUM! You are way hot! What a cutie pie you are! The doggie ain't bad either:)

NICE HOUSE TOO! Sheesh! Fancy schmancy!

Anonymous said...

such cute pictures! i love rerun and lucy in the snow!!!! and darling house. i can't wait to visit sometime.

how was the buddy weekend?