Wednesday, November 22, 2006

And the Chiefs send the Raiders home crying!

The game was awesome!! Our seats were awesome!! We had so much fun...we started out the day by dropping off M&R’s son at my SIL so she could watch him for the day. Then we stopped at the gas station to load up on snacks for the drive to KC. We saw several other groups who were on their way to the game – everyone was wearing red!

We decided to give our extra 2 tickets to my sis’s BIL and his oldest son, who live in KC. So, here we are wandering around a sea of red outside Arrowhead Stadium trying to find David and Caleb – who we have only met once about 2 ½ years ago. B called him while we were walking and told him to look for a guy on the phone wearing a red poncho and a red hard hat – yes, that’s what B was wearing. He painted a hard hat red and added Chiefs logos and the phrase “Raider Hater” to it. We found David and Caleb and gave them their tickets, and then we headed to our own seats.

Our seats were great – we were right on the 20 yard line, 4 rows up, right behind the Raiders bench. When the ball was right in front of us, it was awesome! But, I think overall, I would rather sit higher up…it was hard to see what was going on when the ball was at the opposite end of the field. And some of the fans where we sat were pretty foul. I mean, I’m a raider hater with the rest of them, but I don’t think it’s very cool to yell the “F” word at the players or flip them off as they come towards us. We didn’t see stuff like that at the club level!

It was so warm on Sunday! I didn’t need my coat or scarf or gloves or beanie hat…all I needed was a baseball hat and my sunglasses! I hadn’t brought a hat with a brim, so I ended up wearing the hard hat the whole game to shade my face.

The game was pretty slow for the first half, but the second half definitely kicked it up a bit…in fact, we only won the game in the last minute when we caught an interception that stopped the Raiders from scoring…and the crowd went wild!

After the game, we met up with B’s best buddy from high school and his wife and we all ate BBQ at our favorite place – Jack Stack. Of course, by this time we were exhausted and we still had to drive home, so after dinner we hit the road. We got home late – tired, a little hoarse, and ready to fall into bed!

Ok, I have some GREAT pictures from the game, but I can't get them attached...what's wrong with blogger??? How come sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't?? I'm going crazy here trying to figure out what's going on...until then, you'll have to imagine what I look like wearing a Fan Face mask and a hard hat!

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