Saturday, November 04, 2006

Busy Day

Whew! What a day! Tomorrow is my Holiday Bazaar with my friend Monica. We now have 11 groups/companies represented for the event. My hubby with his cigars makes the 11th. I have NO idea how many people will show...I hope it's a lot though. Not too many so it's too crowded to shop, but a nice steady stream of chicks who want to spend money would be fine with me.

Anyway, Monica and I spent ALL day shopping for stuff for tomorrow. Well, we didn't spend all of our time shopping for tomorrow...that's why we were out for so long...we got distracted. We started off ok by going to Dollar Tree (the one in Wichita sucks! the one we had in CA was 4 times bigger), but then we headed over to SIL's new place. We piled into 2 cars (3 adults, 3 kids) and headed to lunch, then to the little shop where SIL works. She had called me a couple days ago to tell me about these really cute Christmas ornaments they had just gotten in -- they are Chick ornaments -- they have pictures of girls drinking coffee together, and girls at a cocktail party. The goal was to buy these ornaments ONLY, but Monica and walked out of there with a TON more stuff, luckily it was all either 50% or 75% off, so we didn't spend as much as we could have.

Next, we HAD to stop for ice cream...the day had turned into a beautiful fall afternoon - about 65 degrees! So, we lugged all three kids in for Cold this time it was after 3pm, and we really hadn't done much to prepare for tomorrow. We said goodbye to SIL and her girls, and then we headed on to do the rest of our errands. Monica's poor son was SO done with us by the time we finished and got home at 5:30pm. He had spent ALL day with a bunch of "chicas" as his dad would say. We got all of our stuff unloaded, I dropped off Monica and her son, and now I'm sitting on the couch relaxing as I watch OU play A&M...crazy day!

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