Saturday, November 18, 2006

20 yard line – 4th row!

That’s where I’ll be on Sunday. At Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, on the 20 yard line, in the 4th row! Tony Gonzalez will be LIFE SIZE!! I’m so excited!

Ok, let me catch you up… I’ve had tickets to the Chiefs v. Raiders game on Sunday since August. My former employees gave them to me, and B and I have been looking forward to the game for months! I love my gang for thinking of me and giving me such a great gift. Those tickets are in the upper section over the end zone…great seats…there are NO bad seats at Arrowhead…but…

This morning, the owner of the company where B works came to him and handed him 4 tickets to Sunday’s game and a parking permit (which is HUGE in itself). The tickets are in the 4th row on the 20 yard line – have I mentioned that yet????

This is so cool. Now we can take our friends M&R, and meet our friends from St. Louis who are also going to be there, AND we can take 2 more people!

I’m so excited I could scream! But I can’t scream because I’m sitting in the Detroit airport and people will freak out if I start screaming. I’m about to get on the plane and head home after a long and draining week…this is a GREAT end to it. B is in a GREAT mood now…he’ll pick me up at 5pm in KS, and a wonderful weekend will begin!

Oh yeah, and our quarterback, Trent Green, has been given medical clearance to play again – after a big nasty Bengels player knocked him out in Game 1…and they're saying that he will start on Sunday.

As soon as I get home, I’ve got to get out my red sweater and my red coat and my red hat and my red scarf and my red mittens. I’m ready!!

Go Chiefs!

Ok, I wrote this while I was sitting in the Detroit airport yesterday, but the stupid place doesn't have wireless, so I'm not posting it until right now...AND, in the meantime I've found out that Tony Gonzalez is injured and will not play tomorrow - it will be the first game he's missed in 7 years! C'mon Chiefs, don't let me down tomorrow!

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