Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Baby Stuff

I finally broke down and asked The Colonel to take a picture of the belly. I KNOW there's a baby in there (I can feel him rolling all over a lot of the time), but I still don't care for the feel privileged that I'm sharing them with you! =)

But, before I do, I have to tell you that I must not look THAT pregnant based on what happened yesterday. I was at Sam's Club looking through their sports bras (I bought one, but it was WAY too small when I got it home and tried it on, so back to the store I go today!), and a lady was looking at something next to me. She dropped the package she was holding, and it landed right in front of me. I looked down at it and took a little step back so she could pick it up. But she didn't pick it up. She stepped back and looked at ME to pick it up for her! I squatted down grunting, picked it up, and handed it back to her, all the while wanting to stick my belly out farther and say, "um, hello, belly here!" I just handed it back to her and walked away. Guess I don't look THAT pregnant.

Ok, now that I told you my story, here are some belly shots.

Here's me at 19 weeks.

And now at 24 weeks, in the same outfit.

To me, I don't feel like I've gotten bigger because it's such a gradual change to me...but obviously I have!

Now, I need to ask your advice...all you working Moms out there...did you take your infant to day care? How did you choose your provider? What questions should I be asking as I start to look around? We are still trying to figure out what we're going to do for day care, and we have several options (SIL - are you still in the running to help??), but I know I need to get going on it now, because there are waiting lists. So, help me out...give me your advice...tell me what you did! Thanks!


shell said...

first of all, that is SO LAME that the lady had YOU pick up something that SHE dropped. even if she couldn't tell you were preggers, that's just rude.

and i think your belly look adorable. :)

abbagirl74 said...

That's what you get for shopping at Sam's Club! ;) kidding...

Okay, on the child care front, my kid's dad and I worked opposite shifts until the little booger was about 3-4. Then we picked a child care center. He went to New Song Academy for several years. We really liked it there. They are not just a day care providor, but a school. There is one on the east side by the Home Depot off of 96, and the newest one is on Ridge Road, north of the tracks but south of 96. Okay, way too much info in the comment box!

Your belly looks just fine. Not big at all. Still tiny to me.

Christine said...

Yeah, your belly has definitely popped out since I saw you!! How fun!

Jana said...

YAY! it's a belly! and i say it's "A" belly because how are we to know it is YOUR belly?? you always cut off your head! what's up w/ that?!! ;)

Praise and Coffee said...

OH, I love baby bumps!!!

I was a SAHM so I'm not any help sorry.

Congrats and I pray that your labor and delivery are peaceful!


Marge said...

I agree with everything Shell said. :) And thanks for posting picts!

Sally said...

Naner - you KNOW that's my belly, and I took one of the pictures at tne end of the day when my hair and makeup looked like crap, so I cropped the other one.

Abbagirl - I really do shop at your store, but only when the sales are good...otherwise I'm a cheapskate...but I'm really excited about the new Marketplace opening by me! =) And thanks for the ideas on child care.

Thanks everyone for the nice comments about my belly and for NOT commenting about my growing booty! =)

Jana said...

so . . does "marge" really have a blog on here or just a profile to leave comments??

Davi and John said...

oh that is just wrong on so many levels that the lady wanted you to bend over and get her stuff. I remember being at a boutique once and some lady glared at me because my belly was in the way of some diaper bag she was checking out and she wanted me to move OUTA HER WAY!!!

Paulette said...

Ohh, you are so cute! I can't wait to see that belly in person!