Friday, January 18, 2008

Here's Your Vaseline

That's how we feel here at work lately.

Before I start, here's my disclaimer...I started this blog semi-anonymously almost 2 years ago. It was something fun to try out, and as I met more people and moved to the Midwest, it became a good way to keep in touch w/ everyone. I love it, and I'm having fun with it. And besides my occasional gripe (ok, maybe more than occasional, but whatever), I try to keep it pretty upbeat. But, I'm going to take it the other way today. I'm just venting, so please please please family members don't freak out. Everything will work out, I just have to get this off my chest b/c if I don't, I'll go postal.

I mentioned a while back that my company is about to go through layoffs. Well, some things have happened on that front in recent weeks that I've been keeping quiet about -- at least on my blog. Here's the rundown...

A local reporter wrote a story about our happy little company, mentioning that there were about to be layoffs. There were ALL kinds of errors in the story - from incorrect titles of executives to lies that there had been no layoffs yet, to errors about the number of employees we have. He quoted his source as our VP of HR -- which means she was lying through her teeth

Right after the article, our management told the hourly employees that they would be out of work for 3 consecutive Mondays. Employees were pissed b/c they can't claim unemployment for one day off work at a time.

A few days later, the hourlies were told that one Monday would be added back into the schedule, BUT they'd be off for a whole week next month.

A few days after that, the salary (that's ME) were told that we have to take at least 2 days off during that week also.

AND, the layoffs they've talked about are STILL coming. We still don't know how many or when it will happen.

Now, I only get 10 days of vacation, and I'm being FORCED to take 2 days off in February. I already bought my plane tickets for March, so I'll use an additional 3 days then. That means that by the time Little Major gets here, I'll have already used half of my annual vacation.

Our management has been so kind as to allow us to CHOOSE what days to take off. What that means is that nothing will get done at all during that week. My group has enough work to do from now until Labor Day, so we asked them to allow us to work. They said no. As we talk about it, it appears that they are trying to soften the blow by allowing us to choose the days to take off. Or as my co-worker put it, it's their way of offering us some Vaseline!

I was going to include a graphic of vaseline in this post, but I got so freaked out when I googled a vaseline image, that I changed my mind. Resist the temptation, don't google it!


suezque said...

I know it must be sooo very stressful to have to worry about your job instead of enjoying your time getting ready for Little Major. We are praying for you and know that the Lord knows the outcome, and will be there with you through it all...
Have you done any more prosepcting???

shell said...

i am so, so sorry. I can only imagine how stressful this is for you right now. and i don't think that's giving you any vaseline at all. they are just asking you to bend over and take what they give you, because otherwise they wouldn't be making you take vacation days. how is b handling all of this?

Chelf said...

I agree that this is Vaseline. There are so many comments that can be made, I shall leave them up to your venting imagination.

They are letting you choose your days off, so make 'em good! Pick Friday, Feb 8, and come to OKC to go with me to the Affair of the Heart Craft Show. I have a lot of fun just wandering around and NOT shopping, but you can shop too.

It is $6 to get in, and a little for the toll to get here, but if you come, I will buy your lunch!

Just remember they still have to give you pay for the maternity leave. You get several weeks (usually about 6) to stay at home, not work, and admire your new little family member!

Praying it gets better soon!

abbagirl74 said...

Well, this sucks. I hope it gets better. I love the baby's room!!!! Very neat!

Sally said...

Thanks everyone! God has a plan for me, He just hasn't shared all the details with me yet.

Chelf - I LOVE the idea of Affair of the Heart, esp since I missed the fall one. What about going on Feb 9, Saturday though?

Chelf said...

I usually go two or all three days of the AAOTH weekend. I am already going on Friday, with my SIL and MIL. It would be great to have company on Saturday!

Just make sure to bring your most comfy shoes! We can email details in the next couple of weeks.

Like my niece while riding the train at Christmas..."I am so essited!"

suezque said...

Sounds like fun! Wish I could go with you guys... :-(

Jenni said...

Hey, if I didn't already know where you live, I'd have guessed it from this post. Don't we just have the *best* news media? They are always getting stuff wrong. The only way I'd pay money for a copy of the Eagle is if there was something specific I wanted from it. The writing lacks style and the grammatical errors are astonishing.