Monday, January 14, 2008

More Evidence...

that I must not look 25 weeks pregnant came to me today. I ran out to the post office at lunch to send off a package for a baby shower that I'll miss this weekend, and as I was getting my big butt back into my car, some scary looking guys in a beat up truck with a bed full of gardening crap yelled out to me, "Hey Sweet Pea!" Huh?! I just barely turned my head to look as I jumped into my car, and they WERE talking to me. Guess they didn't see the belly, just my JLo butt that has appeared in the last few months. Weird!

We had a pretty good weekend, even though it started off kinda crazy. My niece Ellie turned 3 on Friday, and her Dora birthday party was that night. But, before we could get to the party, we already had plans to have dinner with some friends who are moving to the East coast soon. So, in order to have maximum time with everyone, I ran home after work to feed the dogs, then ran to pick up The Colonel from work, and we headed to an early dinner with our friends.

I talked about my friend Shannon in this post. I met her at the tag office when I first got to Kansas. Her parents live here, so they came to be closer to them, but her husband has had a hard time finding work in town, so he's been traveling all over the country for the last year...which has been really hard on Shannon and her son. So, now her hubby has found a job in NJ, and they'll be heading that way when their house sells. I'm sad to see her go, but so happy that they'll be able to be together as a family now. Dinner was a blast, the boys chatted about Ozzy Osborne (don't ask) and football, and Shannon and I talked baby stuff (what else is there to talk about now??). In fact, a lot of the baby stuff I have already came from Shannon. As her son outgrew his high chair and booster seat and other stuff, she just passed it my way so she doesn't have to move it. Yay for me!

After dinner, we drove out to SIL's parent's house for the big Dora party. SIL's mom made the most awesome cake. It was chocolate (which already puts it at the top of my list) and it was Dora the Explorer. It looked awesome. I wish I had a picture. SIL took one, so she'll have to send it to me. We walked in just as they were cutting the cake. We ate cake and the best ice cream in the world (Edy's - or Dreyer's on the west coast), and then birthday girl opened all her presents. She got some cool stuff! And the adults even had fun playing with everything! The Colonel did some magic tricks for the kids, while the rest of us chatted, and by 9pm, I was beat and ready to go home to bed.

The rest of the weekend was pretty mellow. The Colonel met up with an old college buddy on Saturday to shoot their guns, and I hit the gym and the coffee shop with the girls. The 3 of us at coffee are all pregnant, and I feel sorry for anyone sitting around us who had to hear stories about premature labor, big boobs, how to choose a hospital, and daycare.

Sunday we went to our 2nd Sunday school class, and The Colonel even spoke up when we broke into small groups! I was amazed and so proud! Everyone has been very nice in the class, and one of our neighbors goes to it, as well. So, I think we'll stick with this one for a while.

I wasn't very productive around the house this weekend, but I did manage to get 2 workouts in and go to the grocery store. The Colonel picked up the cold I had over Christmas, so we're just taking it easy right now.


Jayme said...

I promise to share a pic of the very cool cake.


Jenni said...

LOL, Sweet Pea! I had that happen to me when I was about 7 months pregnant with Naomi. I had walked down to the gas station a few blocks away and I had a couple of guys whistle and honk loudly on the street behind me. It startled me and I looked around. There was no one else in sight, but man did they high tail it out of there when I swung around with my big pregnant belly. I always carried all the weight right up front and dh says you could never tell from my backside. I wonder who had the most shocked look on their face, me or them. It sure was a boost to my ego since I was just feeling about as big as a whale and had almost no clothes that fit.

Sally said...

Jenni - at least I'm not the only one! =) If they weren't such yucky looking guys, I think I would have gotten a kick out of it. It was pretty funny, though!