Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

Wow! 2008 is here already! I'm not big on making resolutions. I can't really remember the last time I tried to make one, and I'm not planning on making any this year. This year will bring a lot of change for us - that's a given. A new baby, Mom and Dad moving close to us...that should keep us pretty busy.

We had a pretty uneventful exit for 2007. The Colonel had to work, so after he got home we made fajitas and stuffed our bellies before heading to the basement to watch a couple movies. Our goal was to remain awake to see the New Year in. That meant we had to watch our movies with the lights on so we wouldn't fall asleep. Ha!

We indulged in a teeny bopper thriller -- Disturbia -- which wasn't as scary as I expected it to be. It was only a little after 8pm when we finished that, so we put in another DVD, Reign on Me. It wasn't the best feel good happy movie, but it was pretty good anyway. It proved to me again Adam Sandler is a great actor (Spanglish did a good job of that, too). Before the movie ended, some of our anxious neighbors started shooting off very loud fireworks, scaring the puppies and giving us some cuddle time with them since they leaped onto the couch with us. The movie ended, we toasted each other with our Martinellis cider (no alcohol for me this year!), took the scaredy-dogs upstairs, and were all tucked into bed by 11:30pm.

We were awake at midnight (reading in bed) when the neighbors continued to shoot loud things into the air...but we were snoozing peacefully by 12:30am.

I couldn't sleep the day away today because I got up and participated in the Frosty 5k Run/Walk with our local YMCA. I probably would have reconsidered if I realized how stinkin' cold it would be! Several of my girlfriends from the gym talked me into participating. I'm not a runner, so when one of the girls said she was going to walk it instead of run (she tore a hamstring not too long ago), my other preggo gym buddy and I decided we'd walk with her. It was cold! I heard something about the temperature being 27, but feeling like 9 with the windchill. Brrr! We walked as fast as our pregnant bodies would allow and finished in 50 minutes. We rewarded ourselves by going for burgers and fries for lunch afterwards! =)

So, the first day of 2008 is almost over, and aside from walking in the event this morning and watching out the window at the neighborhood drama (see the post below), I haven't done much. I DVR'd the Rose Parade so I want to watch that later on. My parents were at the parade, and my university always builds a float for the parade, so I have to watch it! I also have thought about starting to take down some Christmas decorations...but that might be a little ambitious.

Hope you all had a great start to the new year!

Update: As I hit publish on this post, the phone rang, and the 'Rents are on their way over for a quick visit...I may not get to those decorations after all!


Terry said...

WOW, I just watched Disturbia last week and have Reign Over Me in the DVD player as we speak... Glad you did not give it away...

Congrats on the Frosty 5K.. Seems with the title, you should expected the cold.. :), and 50 minutes is an awesome time to finish, pregnant bellies and all!!

suezque said...

Finally got new blog set up- coloradosuezque.blogspot.com :-)

DocMtCat said...

Happy New Year !!

Found your blog and enjoyed reading it... If you get a chance check out mine.

-Shane (doc)

Angel said...

OH MY GAWD YOU ARE PG!!! And I'm only NOW just finding this out! I know I have read your blog recently... at least I thought I had but then I trace posts all the way back to OCTOBER when you first announced it! I guess I totally missed that!

I am so dang excited for you! Congrats!!!!!!!!