Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Plea for Prayer

We got this email from my Dad today. It came as quite a shock.

Grandpa Tom died unexpectedly at home this morning. Mom and I are driving up to help Grandma today and don't know how long we will be there. All I know at this time is that he got up from bed around 7 AM to turn up the thermostat and when he came back he just hugged Grandma very tightly. She asked if he was okay but Grandpa Tom said nothing. She went to the bathroom and upon returning could still get no response so she called 911. The paramedics could not revive him.

Grandpa Tom is my mom’s step-dad. He has been married to my Mom’s mom for almost 29 years. He was 81, and in seemingly good health besides being diabetic. And to make matters worse, his son passed away last week, unexpectedly, and he was only in his 50’s.

Grandma is distraught, to put it mildly. She is not used to being alone, and at 86 years old, it’s probably not good for her to be by herself.

It’s sad to say, but we have never been very close to this set of grandparents. But, that doesn’t mean that we don’t love them or that they don’t love us dearly. Grandpa Tom and Grandma Anne always remember our birthdays and send us emails and are thrilled when we respond to them. They were planning on meeting us all in my hometown in March when Sis, Captain, and I are home.

It’s not a revolutionary thing to say – but you never know when you will see or speak to someone for the last time. I completely took it for granted that I would see Grandpa in March. I was actually looking forward to it, because he and Grandma were making such an effort to make the trip down to see us (it’s a 4 hour drive).

Please pray for Grandma as she deals with this loss. And please pray for my parents and my aunt and uncle as they make arrangements and try to help Grandma decide what to do next. This isn’t exactly good timing for our family…but when is it ever?

And hug your loved ones extra hard today. Send an email or a card to those who you don’t see often. Tell them that you love them…before it’s too late.


shell said...

oh, sweet pea. i'm so sorry. i'm glad your folks will be with your grandma...your family is in my thoughs...xoxo

abbagirl74 said...

I am very sorry. You and your family are in my thoughts.

suezque said...

I am so sorry - praying for you, always.

Terri said...

oh, sigh, "he hugged grandma tightly". maybe he knew, if so how sweet to go that way. Sorry for your family's loss. I'll be praying for you guys.

Christine said...

So sorry Sally. I'm praying for your family right now.

Chelf said...

Praying for your family right now. I am so sad for your loss.

Jenni said...

I'm sorry about your grandpa. I'll be praying for your family and especially your grandma. It's kinda neat that he got to say goodbye to her, though. At least it seems to me that's what he was doing.

Jayme said...

I'm sorry too...I'm glad you will be able to be there for you family. I love ya bunches.