Friday, January 25, 2008


Thanks for your thoughts and prayers, everyone!

It's been a long and chaotic week, but I think everything is under control now. My grandma had a very rough first night, she didn't sleep and got up in the morning shaking uncontrollably. She asked to go see her doctor who prescribed some anti-anxiety meds for her. She's doing better now. She's surrounded by family and loved ones and her church is helping out a lot, too. Mom says that when she sees someone for the first time, she hugs them, tells them she loves them, cries, and then tells them what happened to Grandpa. It's her way of coping.

Almost our entire family will be at the funeral this weekend. My brother isn't able to make it, and The Colonel is staying home, but all the other cousins, aunts, uncles, etc., will be in town by Saturday night. After HOURS on the phone and the Internet with my sister, we were able to time our arrivals in San Francisco to within 5 minutes of each other tomorrow. It will be a long day, as she travels with a baby for the first time (my BIL will be there to help), and we all have to be at our airports before 6am (which is 4am in CA!).

I'm excited to see family who I haven't seen in a couple years, and not surprisingly, I have a few places I'd like to go eat while I'm out there. =) I think I'll even be able to visit with Shell for a bit over the weekend.

The viewing will be on Sunday, and the funeral on Monday....then we all head back home on Tuesday morning. That's when Grandma will really need to rely on her church family and my cousins who live near her.

In other news...this last minute trip this weekend caused me to reschedule a few things this week and next. I moved my regular doctor's appointment up a day to make sure it was ok for me to travel. That meant that I had to also move up my glucose test...which I FAILED! I'm so not happy about that, as now I have to go back next week for the 3 hour test where I have to fast for 12 hours before. Yuck!

I also had to move a 2nd job interview I had scheduled for Monday. They were very understanding, and it's back on the calendar for next Thursday. More on that later.

I came in to work early today, after not sleeping AGAIN last night, because we're having problems on our line again. But, I'll get off early, so I'll have plenty of time to pack for my trip tomorrow and be ready for my girls night out! I have made the most wonderful friends at my local YMCA...we're all addicted to step aerobics, and when we're all together, you can't get a word in edgewise. Tonight we're heading out to dinner and then they're going to help me register for baby stuff. I'm having anxiety just thinking about registering, so I'm glad I'll have helpers.

Whew! I told you it's been crazy. Have a great weekend, and please pray for safe travel for my family over the next few days. And wouldn't you know it? I'm going back to Cali, and it's rainy and ugly while it's going to be 55 and sunny here this weekend. Figures!


suezque said...

I'm glad you get to go, you need to be there with your family...

Jayme said...

you failed the glucose test???? what does THAT mean?

Sally said...

I think it means that i shouldn't have eaten brownies for breakfast that day.

I have to go back and take a 3-hour test next week. Drink the stuff, wait one hour, draw blood, wait another hour, draw more blood, wait ANOTHER hour, draw more blood. AND I have to fast for 12 hours I have to go for about 16 hours w/o eating anything. I'm going to DIE!

Chelf said...

Isn't it illegal to torture a pregnant woman?!?!?

I am glad that you are able to go to CA to be with your family at this tough time.

Praying for you, safe trip and good visit.

suezque said...

You've been tagged! :-) I know you get a lot of these, so it's okay if you don't want to participate... :-)