Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Due to the weather...

We're in Louisiana. It's 34 degrees outside. They closed the movie theater "due to the weather." What??

I finished my training at 5pm today, so B and I decided to find a nice place for dinner and then go see The Good Shepherd.

Well, we did have a nice dinner at a place called Copeland's...B had a big juicy burger and I had blackened chicken (we ARE in Louisiana...I had to get something blackened!).

Then we headed over to the movie theater for our 7:50pm movie. The girl at the box office informed me that they were closing the theater due to the weather. I turned around and looked at the parking lot where there were one or two puddles, and the temperature was 34 degrees...I turned back around and said, "What weather?" She said they're closing the roads because of the's 34 degrees!!!

We turned around and left, but what the heck? Am I already such a midwest girl that a little ice doesn't scare me?? Ha! That's funny!

A storm blew through Shreveport today that wsn't expected. They said that it was sleeting, but all I ever saw was rain. They closed the schools at 11am today because the weather was so horrible.

I'm laughing so hard, because THIS WAS ME a few months like this would have grounded me! Hubby should be proud of me!

Anyway, we're back in our hotel wishing that we would have driven to Dallas as soon as I finished working...we'd be almost halfway home by now! But, we'll leave tomorrow morning and stop in Dallas to have lunch with an old friend and her 2 boys. Ali was my next door neighbor when we lived in San Antonio in high school, and I haven't seen her for about 5 years when we went to her NYE party...I've never met her kids, so it will be tons of fun!

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