Thursday, January 04, 2007

This is my life...

I very rarely read Dilbert, even though I AM an engineer in corporate America. I read the comics to be entertained, and I do not find Dilbert entertaining, nor do I want to be reminded, yet again, how messed up corporate America is...but...a co-worker sent this comic to me the other day, and it came at just the right time.

Since I was hired by my current company 4 1/2 months ago, I have been working on a project where we are ATTEMPTING to install a new assembly line in our plant. The old one will not keep up with the PROJECTED capacity of our plant in the coming months and years..."Projected" is in caps because as I write this, we have laid off 200 workers because we don't have enough volume to keep them building widgets.

Anyway, on with my story...our team has worked hours and hours and hours and more hours coming up with this new design, which, may I add, will kick butt! So, the next step is to purchase and install the equipment, right?

NO! We must first get approval so we can get the money so we can buy it and install it. BUT, before we can get approval, we have to figure out the cost and justify the expense, yada, yada, yada...BUT, to figure out the costs, we have to do some tests, investigate some things, predict when Jesus is coming back...ok, ok, maybe not that, but close. It's ridiculous!!!

We know that the project will cost about $2 Million, and it will save $1 Milion EVERY YEAR...that means that it will pay for itself in 2 years!! So, why, then is it SO difficult to move forward?? Who's driving this ship anyway???

Thank God it's Friday...and Happy Hour starts for me at 5:30!


Angel said...

Wow... that strip was funny but it isn't so funny in real life.

Happy hour? Vhat is dis happy hour you speak of?

Do stay-at-home moms get happy hour? Is that the hour they hand the kids over to the hubby? No? Out for a drink? With adults? Talking? No kids? What? What is that like?

LOL. I'm silly.

Yes, TGIF. Have a drink for me. I'll have one here and I'll be double fisting then. LOL.

Sally said...

Sure, hand the kids over to hubby and head out with the girls! Why not? Actually, my girlfriend is picking her son up from school right now, then she's dropping them off with her hubby - who has been home today because he's off work between's that?? =)

It's cold and rainy out so I would rather drink at home tonight, but we're going out for a birthday, so I better show.

DramaMama said...

That comic is hilarious... can you say red tape?

But it's scary how closely related to your life it is right now! Good luck... I enjoyed hearing more about your job! You are one smart cookie:)