Monday, January 01, 2007

Just back from the airport

We just dropped my parents off at the airport...they are on their way back to California...and that means the holidays are officially over.

I'm not ready yet!! How in the world am I going to drag my butt out of bed at 6am tomorrow? I'm not ready to get up early, or go back to work, or take down my Christmas decorations (which I won't, they'll be up for a couple more weeks at least!) house will look so sad when all the garland and lights and stockings are gone.

I used to say that Easter was my favorite holiday - I mean what's not to love about our Savior rising from the dead in the middle of beautiful spring...realizing that everything is new and fresh and forgiven. But, then I realized that there wouldn't be Easter if we didn't have Christmas first, when our savior is born...and I CAN NOT resist all the red and green decorations, and sweet treats, and jolly spirits, and giving gifts, and singing carols, and a Christmas Eve candlelight Christmas is my FAVOVITE holiday. Oh, and you get the bonus of another holiday just a week later.

BUT, all good things come an end, right? And my holidays are OVER! I have some GREAT gifts to show for it, awesome pictures, and a few more pounds pooching over the top of my Lucky jeans...but they're still over.

Tomorrow it's back to the real long til Good Friday??

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SueZQue said...

96 days til Good Friday SIL! It's one week before the wedding...101 days to go for that !!! Yea (I told G I was gonna do a happy dance on Friday 'cause we'll be under 100 days :-)