Sunday, January 21, 2007

Shoveling, Blisters, and Aliens

One of the last 10 snow shovels in Wichita, Kansas: $8.99
Calories burned from shoveling driveway: 285
Blisters produced during effort: 1
The feeling that I cleared the driveway, all by myself: Priceless!

Check out my work...and my blister:

After my "workout", B and I (mostly B) made a HUGE snowman in the back yard...he's over 7' tall! He's kind of a funny looking snowman -- looks more like an alien...maybe a long-lost family member of ET. I made B stand next to him so you can see how big he is...B is 6'1"...

The sun came out right after we finished the snowman and came back in. It's gorgeous!! People are outside all over our neighborhood -- shoveling snow, sledding with their kids, throwing snowballs. The temperature isn't too cold, there is NO wind, and the snow covering everything is beautiful. When we took the dogs for a walk this morning, we smelled homemade bread baking. Somehow, I'm starting to really enjoy the winter! What's happened to me??


Angel said...

There are things to enjoy in every season if you really want to. I know I have in-laws in georgia and a sister in Florida (now) who always like to say 'ha ha it's warm and sunny here.' I like to say...'ha ha.. I just went sled riding with my kids, built a snowman, enjoyed the smell of a fireplace somewhere burning, burned hundreds of calories having fun and then realized the true joy of a hot cup of cocoa.' Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Enjoy winter for what it is!! Good for you!

Sally said...

Angel - You're right! Winter in CA (where we lived) was always gray and overcast and foggy and wonder I loved Spring and Fall so much! There wasn't a whole lot to look forward to, in terms of after I crushed my fear of driving in snow...I'm starting to relax and enjoy the winter!

Now I have a reason to wear all of the scarves, gloves and hats I own!

DramaMama said...

GO YOU!!! Hubby shovels here...

My back is bad. But you rock! And ya'll have more snow than we do up here! NO FAIR!