Friday, January 26, 2007

Weird Dream

Okay, Dramamama, all your dream talk has caused me to have my own weird dream. I've been out of town all week, so last night was the first time I slept in my own bed in several days...I don't know why that means that I should have weird dreams, but apparently it does.

Last night I dreamed that we were moving to Mississippi...I'm not exactly sure where in Mississippi, but somewhere. I can't remember all the details like D'Mama does, but here are some of them. Please note that this is a DREAM...not true at all!

Even though we had only lived in KS for a few months, we decided to move again.

Neither B nor I had actual jobs there...I had been offered one a while back, but had turned it down, but we thought they would just give it to me if I showed up.

Mom and Dad were upset at first b/c we were leaving KS (where they were planning to move), but then they were excited for us.

I made plans to drive to 'ol Miss with an old acquaintance from high school to get settled...someone who I have not seen in about 12 years.

The dream ended where I was trying to get everything all together in order to leave to drive down there.

WEIRD!! Ok, so let's try to see what this means...besides the fact that I was way over-tired, there's got to be something in there. We love KS so far...we love our neighborhood and the town and that we have made friends so quickly, so it's not that. But, I'm not exactly happy in my job. It's boring, and the company is ALL about politice (I HATE politics in the workplace), and people are rewarded and promoted and given astronomically huge offices just because they've been around forever, not because they actually contribute to the success of the business. Maybe that had something to do with it?

Who knows, and I don't really care...I was just so excited that I remembered one of my dreams!


Angel said...

Well, I think state of Mississippi in your dreams symbolizes your inate need to recite:
over and over again, therefore you are regressing into your childhood and have some unresolved issues with the spelling of each of the 50 states.

Just a guess.

S-E-A-C-R-E-S-T Out.

Angel said...

Maybe going to Mississippi had to do with all the traveling you've been doing. Also your lack of enjoyment at your job.

My dreams are twisted and sometimes not fit for others to hear about. LOL

Sally said...

I was SO singing M-I-SS-I-SS-I-PP-I as I was writing my post...that's why I wrote it out a couple times instead of just using the abbreviation! =)