Saturday, January 20, 2007

I LOVE our Hummer!

I know that you may be tired of posts about the weather or stupid drivers, on my site as well as others...but I.JUST.CAN'T.STOP.

It's snowing again! My 4th snow since we've lived here. It's BEAUTIFUL!! And I didn't hide out in the house this time! I'm so proud of myself. I went to my class at the gym this morning, where it snowed and snowed while I sweated and sweated. After class my plan was to head to Wal Mart to find a snow shovel. Ok, ok, maybe we should have bought a shovel before the FOURTH snow of the year, but we didn't...and Wal Mart has NONE! Actually, they have a wimpy plastic shovel that goes in the trunk of the car, but that will last 2 seconds on the 3" of ice on our driveway!

Then I waited in a LONG line at Starbucks for my Peppermint Latte so that I had a warm drink while I sat and had my nails done. I was going to go later this afternoon for my nail appointment, but there's no sign that the snow is going to let up.

I should mention that I drove our H3 for all these errands this morning. I got my car back from the shop yesterday, but I feel much more comfortable in the truck than my car. I had NO problems maneuvering through the snow, but other people did. It was a nightmare on the streets. Some people drove just as fast as normal, others still insisted on turning in front of each other. I just took it nice and slow.

I made it home with no problems, and as I pulled into the garage, I drove right over my newspaper which was BURIED in snow! I thought B had picked it up, but no, it was just buried!

Now I'm sitting on the couch warming up, thinking about eating Tortilla Soup for lunch, and about which neighbor I'm going to call to ask about borrowing their snow our afternoon activity will be ATTEMPTING to clear the driveway...should be fun! If I can get my camera to work, I'll snap a few pictures.

Stay warm and safe out there! As soon as the novelty of snow wears off, I'll stop posting about it, I promise!

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DramaMama said...

We don't have a hummer but we both have 4-wheel drive vehicles. I have an Explorer and Hubs has a truck.

WE LOVE driving in the snow because we get to pass all the little people in the cars driving in the one cleared lane of the road while we can plow thru the unplowed part of the streets. It's fun:)