Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Nightmare Continues

My moving nightmare continues...will it ever end???

I called the claims company last week to find out why I haven't received my piddly check yet, and they told me to call the moving company directly. The number I have for the movers is for HORIZON VAN LINES of Northridge, CA. I was told before my move that HORIZON VAN LINES and CALIFORNIA COAST VAN LINES are one in the same company.

My bill of lading was HANDWRITTEN to say California Coast Van Lines, and at the phone number I have for Horizon - they say that California Coast has gone out of business.

The law says that the company showing on the bill of lading is the responsible company...and apparently that company exists no more.

I found another phone number on the DOT website, and when I call it, it's the cell phone number of the supposed owner of California Coast Van Lines, but of course, she doesn't answer the phone.

The claims company is just as pissed off as I am, and they're trying to help me. Help at this point will probably mean talking to the DOT or suing.

I don't even care about the $400 that much anymore...I'm so pissed that they totally screwed me! They are a bunch of LIARS!! I KNEW I shouldn't trust them...I NEVER trust anyone...why did I choose to start trusting now?


shell said...

i say call DOT immediately. and the BBB. both agencies are there for you. use them. they will help put the evil entity that is horizon van lines in their rightful place!

Angel said...

Yes, do so. I should have called the BBB after the movers that moved me from one corner of town to another stole my kids wooden rocking horse and the woman at the moving company acted like I was lieing. Movers suck ass.

DramaMama said...

This just makes me wonder if ANY moving company is reliable and if anyone has actually had a GOOD moving experience. Is that even possible?

Good luck Sally... I hope you can finally get this resolved.

allrileyedup said...

I suggest contacting your nearest mafia representative. He'll get it straightened out.

Sorry to hear about moving problems, I'd be so upset right now.