Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

It snowed on New Year's Eve! I'm sure some people were disappointed that we didn't get snow on Christmas, but I'm thankful that we didn't...Mom and Dad were flying in on Christmas and it could have messed up their flight. But, the snow was GORGEOUS on Sunday! We only got a couple inches, and it's mostly melted today, but it was pretty, and I'm glad M&D got to see it.

Here they are on our deck -- with their house in the background (the house they will move into in 2008 when they move out here). We took this picture this afternoon -- see, almost no more snow.

We had a GREAT New Year's. We had a family style party at our house. B's youngest brother and his family came, our neighbors down the street came with their kids, M&R and their son came, and my friend Shannon came later with her hubby and a friend. Add on M&D and B and I, and we had a houseful.

It was a VERY laid back party. We made a couple cocktails, but no one got even tipsy. The kids colored and watched Barnyard, while the big kids (adults) played Taboo...guys against gals...guys got clobbered!!

Here are a couple quotes from game time (just a disclaimer...intentions were innocent):

"when a man wears a skirt, he's..." -- Now, my neighbor was describing a KILT, but the entire guys side of the room started shouting out words like: cross dresser, chicas knew exactly what it was...

"I want to suck your..." -- I CAN NOT for the life of me remember what the sucking word was, but I was on the buzzer while my BIL described the word, and it made perfect sense to say "suck", but I have no idea now what the word did, however, send the entire room into uncontrollable laughter.

Oh, and let's not forget that we fed our faces all night as well. All my kitchen counters were covered with snacks - chips and salsa, beef stick, cheese and crackers, brownies, candy. cookies, cream cheese and mango chutney, veggies (to be a LITTLE healthy), deviled eggs...there was NO shortage of food.

Everyone but M&D and BIL, SIL and nieces left before midnight (to get kids in bed), so we rang in the New Year as a family with glasses of champagne and toasted each other for a Happy New Year. Several neighbors around us were lighting off fireworks, so B found it necessary to throw an M-80 off our deck...and even though I KNEW the boom was coming, I still spilled my drink all over the floor when it went off. We walked our guests to the door, cleaned up the kitchen, chatted with mom and dad a bit, and were in bed, asleep, by 1:00 am.

I enjoyed my LAST day of vacation by staying in bed until 9am today, and then reading the paper and drinking my coffee in my jammies on the couch...I'm in denial...I AM NOT READY TO GO BACK TO WORK TOMORROW!

Besides that, I look forward to what 2007 brings to B and I. Only God knows, but we're praying for an extension to our family, and for jobs/careers that bring us happiness and fulfillment.

Bring it on, 2007!


Angel said...

It sounds similar to my house (except for my sister's meltdown, switch the game to Scattergories and the move to "Charlie and the Chocolate factory.)

We had tons of food, neighbors shooting off fireworks and later making pizza in his outside, handmade fire burning pizza oven. (He's a Sicilian contractor.)

In Scattergories with item #5 being 'body part' and the letter being 'C' all I could come up with was 'crevices' to which everyone laughed and teased me. Two other fun games are 'Cranium', little sis loves the clay and Outburst where you make up definitions for words and try to pick the correct one. Fun stuff those games!

I'm glad you had fun and enjoyed the company of family. We tried to call little sis and her hubby after yelling happy new year but they turned their phones off. I would love to have been a fly on the wall when BIL checked his voicemail and heard us all on speaker phone yelling, "Happy New Year!" Yeah, we missed them. (but they slept through midnight. 29 years old? More like

I hope 2007 brings you all that you and B hope for!

Sally said...

Well, crevices is better than the first word that popped into my mind...but seeing that you were playing with family and kids, my word is DEFINITELY inappropriate! *cheesy grin*

Angel said...

Holy crap! That never occurred to me to write and I wrote erotica! Why didn't I think of that? That would have been so funny! I'm glad I didn't, since my niece was hanging around. hee hee.

shell said...

your folks look sooo cute in that photo! i think my dad has the same hat. ;) glad you had a good nye and a great visit with your family.