Thursday, January 18, 2007

Freakin’ Texans

In my frustration this morning, I whipped out my laptop as we drove through East Texas and typed up the following. I couldn't post it until now when I'm home and connected again...but the "therapy" was much needed!

Westbound I-20 in Canton, TX, is empty! About 2 miles and 25 minutes ago, they routed ALL the traffic off of I-20 and onto the frontage road, which we are now crawling along. There is NO road work happening on the interstate (which is only 50 feet away from us), and there is NO accident, which was hubby’s theory for our exit from the main road. We have passed at least 2 other exits, where we could have been routed off, but NO, they had to take us off 2 miles back.

My only consolation is that I convinced hubby to turn off his boring sports talk radio…now we’re listening to satellite radio, Beastie Boys “You Gotta Fight…for your right…to party!” Wish I was partying now. Oh, hubby changed station, now it’s “Rollin’ on the River”…we are SO NOT rolling right now!

We just passed a billboard that says, “Jesus said, ‘It is Finished!’”…I wish this ridiculous road closing was finished!

Ok, now we can see a bunch of police lights up ahead…maybe it is an accident, but it still doesn’t explain why we got off the road so early…we are supposed to hit a model train store in Dallas before we meet my friend for lunch…we are going to be LATE!

Right before we exited, we passed by the exit for Tyler, Texas, the town we lived in when we first got married. Tyler is NOT a fun place to live. Everyone is snooty and rude and they think they’re big shots with old money. We lasted there for 1 ½ years, and then beat it out of there. I teased hubby and asked him if he wanted to stop and visit, but he said NO, we’d seen enough when we lived there!

We’re getting back on the interstate FINALLY. I have NO idea what was going on. We passed about 3 cop cars, with the little state troopers in their silly looking cowboy hats, and there was on car with their flashers on sitting on the shoulder. It had not been wrecked, it looked like someone was in the driver’s seat, and the cops were taking pictures. I’ll have to do some googling later to see if I can find out what happened. Our little detour cost us about 30 minutes. B will have to shop fast in his train store…someday I will post photos and blog about his latest hobby…the N Scale Model Train that has taken over our basement.

Oh, D’Mama…just wanted to tell you that hubby ate at Whataburger 3 times in the 36 hours we were in Louisiana…there was one right across the road from our hotel. I think his favorite item was the fried Cherry Pie!

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DramaMama said...


That drive sounds sucky! I hope he made it to the train store and you got your lunch:)